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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Communique provides the very best simultaneous interpreting services during international conferences, meetings and hearings, assisting our clients with language barriers in many countries throughout the world.

What is a Simultaneous Interpreter?

Simultaneous interpreters are the most practiced and qualified linguists within the interpreting industry, having spent many years honing their skills to almost real-time interpreting.

Utilising the facilities of a sound proof interpreting booth, a simultaneous interpreter will monitor proceedings and interpret what is being said via a 'push to talk' microphone. This is fed to the recipients infra red headsets through an infra red transmitter which is usually placed above the inter-modular interpreters' booth.

What equipment will I need?

Equipment requirements widely varied and therefore best discussed with one of our consultants to ensure all bases are covered, however, the below list of simultaneous interpreting equipment provides an insight into the standard setup often requested by our clients:

2 Two person modular interpreters' booth (ISO 4043 compliant), equipped with individual interpreter control and microphone unit, high quality headphones, internal lighting and an extract ventilation fan. The booth can be constructed with the door at the rear or the side. External dimensions 1.8m (width) 1.8m (depth) 2.05m (height)

2 x 2 channel infra-red transmission unit

32 digital individual infra-red receivers, with language channel selection switch, volume control and lightweight headphones

Push to talk microphones

1 Mixer Unit

Onsite technician/s to monitor audio feeds and provide onsite support

For further information on our simultaneous interpreting services, please feel free to request a quotation or contact us.