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Consecutive Interpreters

What is a Consecutive Court Interpreter?

Consecutive court interpreters typically work for our clients during proceedings which are shorter in duration or often where it is considered impractical to install or operate simultaneous interpreting equipment.

Unlike simultaneous interpreters who have the benefits of a sound proof booth and audio equipment, a consecutive court interpreter works closely with the people they are assisting, rendering what is being said from one language into another. Without the use of equipment, they rely on pauses in sentence to interpret. This option is 'on paper' the lower cost option. However, the alternative choice of simultaneous interpreting can save overall time spent interpreting by up to 60%. Therefore, our clients often assess the other cost factors included in spending that additional time, such as venue hire, professionals attendance and other services that are attributed to the hearing.

Communique offers a worldwide network of accredited consecutive interpreters in more than 100 language combinations. We provide the very best consecutive interpreting services during international conferences, meetings and hearings, aiding our clients with language barriers in many countries throughout the world and of course here in the UK, where the demand for language services is increasing, owing to its ever growing multicultural society.

All of our staff members both in-house and subcontractors have signed our Non Disclosure Agreement for confidentiality purposes. We are also happy to review and agree to the same provided by our clients at their request.

All of our staff members are well acquainted with the world of interpreting and the many hearings that require such services.

Should you have any questions or require any information on our consecutive court interpreters services, please feel free to request a quotation or contact us.